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Amore  for Dogs Haven Project  

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Latest Update


December 2021

October 2021

interior walls paint colors

Let's pick paint color!!!!

September 22nd

Stucco is done!

Stucco Vivi.JPG
Stucco on.JPG
Stucco on 2.JPG
Stucco 3.JPG

Septemeber 1st 2021

Amore for Dogs project update: Happy Friday to all, today the lathing goes up for the stucco!! Once completed we will get inspected and have the stucco team start the concrete. So exciting!! 

February 2021

New windows and doors arrived !!Now it's time to start thinking about colors and textures .......let's the fun begin.....


Update in Amore for Dogs Project . During the last 2 weeks, we formed up and poured concrete for the new front elevation remodel. We started framing the front of the house with the new entry and Livingroom popouts, which you can see now, as the two new roofs are on the left. These will match the roof on the right which does not have the fascia boards complete yet.

The windows and new door are covered with plywood until the new windows and doors are installed


October 2020

New Updates from Contractor Steve Peake, on Main House and Dog Pool. Watch 2 videos 

June  2020

June 17 We started back with the remodeling and today is  the house demo. pool is starting phase 3 next week.......things are starting to move!!!! Excited!!!

March 2020

Amore for Dogs Haven Project Update. MARCH 2020 We started Our dog pool foundation , is going to be a 35 ft Long Beach pool ......with lights and heating system......just amazing!!! All for our furry rescued friends

FEBRUARy  2020  

Demolition started today, Feb 7, and will go on until next week. So far We got most permits from the City of Newport Beach ......., but We are  still waiting on a few ......Pool foundation will be next with Landscaping........, and later on We will start remodeling inside the main house and other building . Here's some videos of Demo day 1&2. Thank you to Clean Site Demolition for doing such an amazing job in the past 2 days. Please follow Us on Instagram @amorefordogs. 

 AMORE FOR DOGS HAVEN  will start after Christmas ! Thank you for watching. 

December 2019

NOVEMBER 2ND, 2019 Today Viviana and Bruce FaBrizio  received the keys to the new property in Newport for AMORE FOR DOGS Haven . I like to share some images of the outdoor area. We will start remodeling soon. The Amore for Dogs New Sanctuary will have a pool, 3 dog parks with beautiful fruitless olive trees , aWall waterfall  🦋🦋🦋. A nice large patio / veranda area for the dogs to lounge around during nap time. A separate building with a Dog wash, Vet area & Laundry room. The interior of the house will have 2 big rooms available to smaller dogs, and elderly ones. All dogs at the Sanctuary  will receive daily training & activities sessions .Wellness treatments, and a SPA DAY ....... Pool time & swimming lessons. Most of all they will get  lots of TLC 😀. We were hoping now to open by Fall/Winter 2020. All the new remodeling is going to turn this property into a true Haven on Earth, safe and peaceful enough for Our furry friends to enjoy!!!  ❤️. All dogs will be available for adoption , a few will be trained as service dogs & therapy dogs. IF you like to help & support this great cause, please visit Our website for direct donations to Amore for Dogs . For any questions please email Us at Interviews for volunteers and staff positions it has all ready started.You can download/ fill out  application forms directly from this website.  We appreciate all your support and We would like to deeply thank you Our partner Simple Green for helping US making this dream come true!!! Thank you All from  VIVIANA & BRUCE 🥰👍🦋🦋🦋🦋. More videos and photos coming soon please follow us on FB AMORE FOR DOGS  and Instagram  @amorefordogs , and keep visiting   Our website. 

Great News!!!!!

October 1st , 2019 Update. We are so happy to announce that We have found the right property for Our Amore for Dogs Haven.The new property is located in the city of  Newport Beach in a residential kennel (RK) zoning area. The property is big enough for Us to do all the things we want to do for the dogs, and built them a comfortable and beautiful, most of all SAFE  sanctuary with a pool, a waterfall,  and a few different outdoor parks areas. We will soon post more photos and videos once We get the keys , the end of this month. Please enjoy this photo gallery for now  and keep in mind that there is going to be some remodeling . The First property We purchased on Santiago Road in the City of Orange is currently for sale, and is listed is all mayor real estate websites and magazines. We really  hope that it will sell soon. Let's continue Our journey and  give a better life to as many dogs as We can handle. We thank you All !!!!  Everyone who is been there  supportive for US...........Unfortunately good things really  don't come that  easy! Please visit Our social media FB & Instagram AMORE FOR DOGS  pages for more updates, and keep visiting  thisr website. Thank you all and God Bless you. Viviana & Bruce.  
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