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Venus needed a lot of medical attention in order to survive Amore for dogs helped the family and provided financial help for all the medical expenses Venus needed . Venus lived a few years longer thanks to the medications , sometimes the owners and families need support and help .....Venus was like a child to her family and so  would't you do anything for your child ??? Amore for dogs helps sponsoring surgeries and medical help ..... life is full of surprises and unfortunately Our furry babies get old fast  and  sometimes sick in  need  of help !!!  UNFORTUNATELY So many people live their old dogs behind , just because they don't want to deal with the expenses or just don't think is necessary to spend the $$$ or don't have enough $$$ .I  hate to say it , but i have personally seen at the shelter people dropping off older dogs and trade in with a puppy ....... i find it very sad and selfish .....We all get old , how would you like to be dropped off the streets by your family  or friends and left behind just because you are old and need more attention..............very , very sad.  Please don;t get a dog if you can't afford forever , or are willing to sacrifice for him or her. Please Help Us save and take care of more dogs like Venus's Family , make a donation  and We will send you a gift of your choice.....please visit Our donation/store.  .

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