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Volunteer Application
Are you willing to volunteer at least one three-hour shift per week and provide a one-year commitment?
Please check the days you are available:
Please check the times you are available:
Do you have any experience volunteering?
If yes, when and for what organization?
List any skills/talents you have that would be helpful in determining placement with volunteer duties:
Are there any limitations (e.g., allergies, scheduling, physical conditions) that may affect your ability to volunteer?
If yes, what?
Do you currently own any dogs?
If yes, what breed(s)?
Do you currently have health insurance?
Is your tetanus vaccination current?
PLEASE READ BEFORE SIGNING: I certify that statements made on this application are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any false statements or omission of material information may subject me to termination if I am subsequently hired.

I wish to participate as a volunteer with Amore for Dogs. I understand that the information provided may be verified, and I give permission to Amore for Dogs to make inquiry of my references concerning my suitability to act as a Volunteer. I realize that filling out this application in no way guarantees my placement with Amore for Dogs. I also understand that to be placed as a volunteer, there is a 30-day probationary period and this volunteer assignment requires verification of a current tetanus vaccine, prior to being placed as a volunteer. I also grant Amore for Dogs to use my likeness, voice, and words in television, radio, file or in any form to promote the activities of Amore for Dogs.

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