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Viviana's story about little Tucker........

One night I made a personal donation on a  FB fundraiser to cover  for Tucker's surgery.                                                                                                                                   Tucker's human mom Joanne was about to have a baby, and has a beautiful 3 years old girl ....... I didn't really  know Joanne, but I knew her friends who out of love and kindness  started the fundraiser for Tucker, because I knew who she was, I felt pretty comfortable on donating and knew  this was all  totally legit ....... The total amount they were trying to raise was over $5.000.00 , but as We all know it's not that easy to raise that kind of money in one or 2 days, and since Tucker needed surgery immediately  and time was crucial for both him and Joanne about to give birth to her 2nd child.......I had to do something fast, and I felt so good in doing so. ......  I stepped into the situation and was able to find a good sergeant that I personally knew, since Tucker is not a rescue dog I could not use the support of my foundation at this time, unless I adopted him first from his parents..... but to me when a dog needs help like that it doesn't matter what the situation is or where the $$$ is  Tucker needed help!!!! and I knew I could help and wanted to help badly....  Meantime the fundraiser on FB was going really well, raising  almost 2k in 2 days . I personally donated the full deposit ,and paid the vet right away, so that Tucker could go into surgery on the very next day . Dr Sebastian told Us he had a very bad herniated disc between his last 2 vertebrae on his left side which was causing pressure on his spine surgery was the only way to go. Upon assessment he was almost completely paralyzed on the left so it was consistent with the MRI findings.Thankfully We got into surgery on time .After a few days Tucker was all well wagging his tail and he even wanted to skip his PT exercises for cuddles!!!!  A week after surgery Joanne gave birth to a beautiful baby now Tucker not only is feeling 100% better, but he  also now has a  new baby human brother  to play with and cuddle with, and  All this happened in one week!!!!                                                     I was so happy I was able to help  Tucker and his family by doing  what I could to  All the stress is now  gone  and everyone is happy & healthy .I only wish some of the vets out there  would work more  with people, rescue or no rescue dogs........they all need our help without Us they could not eat, have a home  or take care of themselves...............Dogs are not objects they are just like Us.....they have a heart and they love Us unconditionally  ......... not everyone can afford 6k for a sudden  surgery, and this is why so many  sick , old or wounded dogs end up in shelters to be left  left sad but true.  Something has to change We need to help more and more.........

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